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Before you contact us, please read through the following:

  • Owner Surrenders: Due to the overwhelming number of homeless pit bulls in animal shelters, Pit Bull Rescue San Diego is unable to accept owned or stray dogs into our program at this time. We are aware that, due to the present economy, there are unfortunately many people looking to rehome their pets. If you feel you need to find a new home for your dog, visit our rehoming your pet page.  We also suggest looking at for tips on steps to take to find an appropriate home for your pet.

  • PBRSD Adoptees: If you need to return a dog that you have adopted from us, we will evaluate them and determine if they are still a fit for our program. If they pass the evaluation, we will attempt to bring them back into the rescue. One of the biggest limitations we might have in bringing a dog back into our program is a lack of foster homes. We may ask you to foster the dog as we try to find a foster home for them. This can sometimes take months. During that time, you will need to be available to bring the dog to adoption events and provide us with information with which to advertise for their adoption. We can also help you to screen applicants that you may find on your own. Dogs that are being returned to our rescue, and have had a solid re-evaluation will take precendence over dogs we are currently evaluating in shelters.

  • Stray Dogs: If you have found a stray dog in San Diego, visit We are solid proponents of making sure that the original owner has an opportunity to find their pet. Many owners do not know to look anywhere but the local shelters.  Even if the dog seems injured or thin, you do not know the circumstances of their condition, which could have happened after the dog left possession of the owner.  You can put a hold on the dog so that, after the mandatory stray hold, the dog can be released back into your possession to help them find a home.

  • Shelter Facilities: We only work with shelters within the county of San Diego.  We will continue to limit our area of service until such time as the local Pit Bull overpopulation problem is resolved.  Working with the local shelters enables us to personally evaluate and intake dogs that will fit within our current foster network. Every dog we intake is evaluated by two independent volunteer evaluators. We do not have a kennel facility and rely solely on a network of caring foster homes for our rescue dogs.  Many of these homes have children and other pets, who we work hard to accommodate with the choices we make.  We cannot be as conscientious if we were to take in dogs we have not had the opportunity to meet personally.

  • Courtesy Listings: If you are a shelter or rescuer who needs assistance with placing a dog, visit our courtesy listings page. Taking out a courtesy listing with us ensures that your dog will have up to a year on our page and assistance reviewing applications that might come in for suitability for adoption.

  • Adopting a Dog: If you are interested in a dog you have seen on our adoptables page, start the process by first completing our online adoption application.

For all other inquiries, email us. Our organization is 100% volunteer, which means that all volunteers likely have other jobs and lives.  Please allow up to 48 hours for a response.

Mailing address:

Pit Bull Rescue San Diego
6755 Mira Mesa Blvd
Ste 123-395
San Diego, CA 92121

Please note that this is a mailing address ONLY. We do not have a facility as all our dogs are cared for in loving foster homes. We work only with local shelters and do not take owner surrenders at any address.