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who we are

Pit Bull Rescue San Diego is a volunteer run, 501c3 non-profit organization (Tax ID# 45-3746757) dedicated to rescuing and
re-homing pit bulls. We are dedicated to helping pit bulls obtain a positive image through education, despite the image that the general public has of them. We advocate spay/neuter and responsible pit bull ownership, as well asspeaking out against backyard breeding, dog fighting, and inhumane treatment of these wonderful dogs..

our roots

Every great endeavor was, at one time, just a dream. Pit Bull Rescue San Diego was the dream of a single person, Kate Davies, who saw a need bourne of the love she had for her own rescued pit bull, Boscoe. Dreams became passions became action and thus, Pit Bull Rescue San Diego came into being.

Bolstered by the support of her two good friends, Jenny Ludovissy and Kim Smith, Kate formed a Board who combined their dreams and worked together to create a new reality for the dogs they saved through local shelters.

Over the years, leadership has changed, but the dream has remained the same - a dream which is now embraced by hundreds of volunteers and thousands of supporters. For the fire behind this dream, we give thanks and credit to Kate for lighting the initial match and starting this rescue.