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Courtesy Posting Form

Please note that we would be happy to help counsel you via email in ways to help you keep your pet rather than rehoming them. Your pet has likely become very bonded to you and this bond is stronger than any shortcomings that you may feel you are offering them (not enough time, too many animals, smaller home, no yard, move to another city, new baby, training errors...). Please take a moment to read our page on rehoming your pet.

If you have tried all these avenues and still are committed to giving up your dog, we request the following from you:

  • Commit to a donation of $10 or more to help further our rescue efforts
  • Email proof of spay/neuter. We only accept spayed and neutered animals into our courtesy program
  • Email a photo of the dog you are giving up
  • Fill out the form below.

As soon as we receive your donation and all other items, we will place your dog on our courtesy page with a links to your personal contact info. We can, if you would like, help you prescreen the applicantions just as we would a dog in our own program.

Dog's Name
How long have you had this dog?
Is your dog current on shots? Yes No I don't know
Is your dog microchipped? Yes No I don't know
Is your dog spayed/neutered? Yes No I don't know
Dog's Breed mix (guess)
Is your dog good with children? Yes No Some I don't know
Is your dog good with adults? Yes No Some I don't know
Is your dog good with dogs? Yes No Some I don't know
Is your dog good with cats or other pets? Yes No I don't know
Do you feel like this dog should be adopted by a breed savvy adopter? Yes No I don't know
Dog's Sex Male Female
Dog's Age Baby - 0-6 months
Young - 6 months - 1 year
Adult - 1-6 years
Senior 6-? years
Approx. Weight
Reason for giving dog up
Describe how your dog plays with you:

What are your dog's favorite toys?

Describe one funny or cute incident in this last week (potential adopters just love to hear these and often will identify and say "oh - my Maxy used to do that..."):
If you have other dog(s) in your home, describe your dog's play style with these dogs.
Has your dog been to an off leash play area? Yes No
What is their play style in an off leash area? if you were uncomfortable with how they were off leash, say that too. It's important for a potential adopter to know that.

Describe any interactions your dog has had with various ages of children and how comfortable you were with the interaction.

Describe your dog's interactions with other companion animals - cats, ferrets, rats, birds, reptiles

Is your dog potty-trained? Working on it Potty trained Crate Dog Door
What sort of training does your dog have? include things they knew before you got them and things you have taught them.

Describe the ideal adoptive family for your dog, in your opinion.

Anything else you want the world to know about your dog:

Personal Information


Home Phone
Cell Phone