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Sponsor a Rescue

The cost of rescue

In the shelters it costs an average of $180 to provide care for a pet while s/he waits for a home. Because it costs less to euthanize pets than it does to care for them, under-funded shelters are often forced to make hard decisions affecting good pets. This is where Pit Bull Rescue San Diego steps in.

Unfortunately the cost of rescue is high. While shelters have in-house vets, wholesale supplies and training resources, our volunteer programs have none of these.

A typical rescue in our program costs the following:

  • Shelter Pull Fee - $45
  • Spay/Neuter - $100
  • DHLPP/Bordatella/Dewormer/Rabies: - $50
  • Microchip - $35
  • Food (monthly) - $40
  • Flea Prevention (monthly) - $20
  • Foster set up (leash, collar, tag, bowls, toys) as needed - $25
  • Training/Aids (clickers, training halters, training treats) as needed - $25
  • The smile on a rescue's face in their new home - $priceless

The first month that a dog is in our program can cost us $340. Subsequent months until the rescue is adopted can cost us up to $100/month - and this is for the healthy dogs in our program! Many times we are called by the shelters for dogs with medical issues that they are unwilling to fund. These costs are above and beyond those cited above.

This is where you step in. You can choose to help sponsor one rescue in our program from entry to adoption. We have a number of sponsorship opportunities for you. All sponsorships earn you an emailed certificate of appreciation with a photo of your sponsored dog noting your generosity as well as your name on the adoptable dogs page showing your connection to your chosen sponsor.

Core sponsorship (one time donations)

shelter: $75 one time donation pays shelter fee and foster set up
snip: $100 one time donation pays spay/neuter
shots: $100 one time donation pays annual shots and microchipping

special: Variable one time donations - if a dog has been taken into our program with medical needs, we will add this button to their profile and welcome any donations that you can give. We will place a donation tracker on their personal page to show the amounts we are aiming at. Moneys that may be collected over and above the costs for that particular rescue will always be redirected to other dogs that either are in our rescue already or which we haven't been able to rescue because of medical expenses associated.

Monthly sponsorships

Full Four Paw sponsorship = food + flea prevent + training + treats and toys = $100
- 1 paw - $25 pays food for 1 month
- 2 paws - $50 pays above plus monthly flea prevention and grooming
- 3 paws - $75 pays above plus monthly training and socialization
- 4 paws - $100 pays above plus new bedding, treats and toys

Note: while your sponsorship moneys will always go first to help the dog you have chosen, occasionally there will be times that a percentage of your monthly donation may go to help a dog in our program that is in need of additional assistance. If this is not acceptable to you, please let us know and we will ensure that the moneys you contribute go only to the dog specified.

Ready to sponsor a rescue now?